Age 9: Reincarnation trait if the faith has Reincarnation tenet. Uses 14 fonts on the map which dynamically change depending on the rulers culture. Set the building on fire and charge an exit fee, Trick everyone in the cafeteria to having an orgy, then film it. This wound! Ill coach you in the mysterious ways of Tinder. *A little thank you note to thank you so much for the awards! The Ultimate CK3 Achievement Guide. Victim: Has to be a 4+ yo child with <0 opinion of you. Valve Corporation. If I throw these dice and get a double six, you leave us alone. I enjoyed one chain which gave my ruler the nickname "the Meticulous", but can't remember for the life of mine what were the circumstances. They'll be dead by noon, probably, [player name] already has a place reserved in a retirement community, You can't spell "sports" without "[player name]". One time we went to Haiti Everybody knows [player name] is hotter than a bl. CK3 Wiki Active Wikis. An exciting sequel for your lemonade: a new flavor! The game was released on PC on 1 September 2020 and on the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 on 29 March 2022. A post on Reddit asking for suckers to join your new scam, You should write a heated essay decrying sexism, You dont need to prove your love of the dark arts, Dmitri's not telling you the Dark Side's darkest secret, You must dance the drunken paranoid monkey salsa, This alternate dimension is an ALTERNATE alternate dimension, Ill just hire us a team of homicidal dodgeball supermen, Convince Principal Giant Spider that youre him, Theres way worse animals you could have for hair, Calculester: Anywhere events (Second Term). So now an event gets picked, how does the AI determine what to do, and what can the player influence it? I think we're missing the REAL chemistry here Maybe knowing the allegiances could be the ultimate trick, I think I've stumbled upon the ultimate Vera shipping chart, Lunch events: Dahlia, Dmitri (Second Term). Again, context matters! Events like that are exactly what I meant when I mentioned that event options are often written as witty punch lines. If you like my work, consider donating to help me make more: This mod is discontinued. I can't see who has given this guide one, but I want to let all of the award givers know that I really appreciate every single one of them. It's a sauce made of secrets! This flask has ULTRA-WHISKEY. Adds new Finno-Ugric religions to the game! GitHub - OldEnt/crusader-kings-3-triggers-modifiers-effects-event-scopes-targets-on-actions-code-revisions-list: List of Crusader Kings III triggers, modifiers, effects, event scopes, event targets, on actions, code revisions and setup.log for most game versions since launch. Damien! Liam, it's time to chain yourself to a table, Calculester, run an internal search for historical patterns, Where he is contemplating the existential notions of death, True K-Pop fans should know Jimin's favorite food. Turn it into the next MonsterChef champion. The following guides helped me to find all events and outcomes, and they are really helpful so check them out if you need more information and/or help. Maybe there's a secret way out. Miranda, just make cute eyes! This mod adds a new Imperial Government type, largely based on the administration of the Byzantine Empire, with various new mechanics/events to support it. Note: Child traits have no impact on which event set would get picked. Anyone can contribute to the wiki. From what I remember they sound like the right choices. This ruins so many events for me. Thousands of CK3 mods are available to download on Steam Workshop, and while many are still mid-development, they offer an easy way to spruce up your medieval statecraft with new challenges, quirky mechanics, or total conversions. [player name]! I feel alive when doing something crazy outside my comfort zone, I feel alive when drinking this magic drink I made. In order to enter these console commands, players need to open Crusader Kings 3 in debug . Youre all above water, so he CANT BREATHE! Disables the skulduggery event that changes the parentage of characters. By Bayek von Kuwaq. If the guardian has a trait in an event set, a weight of +200% will be added. This mod will let you form the historic North Sea Empire. Don't eat it! You may also be stuck with undesirable traits, especially Shy that can only be countered by stress reduction from friends and Learning Perk that have an upfront stress increase for activating befriend scheme. However, the options available are purely there for gameplay. I disagree. Contents 1 Scripting Tools 1.1 Visual Studio Code 1.2 Sublime Text 1.3 Notepad++ 2 Location 3 Structure 3.1 ID and namespace 3.2 Flags 4 Portraits 4.1 Portrait Positions 4.2 Animations 5 Themes 5.1 Backgrounds The mentioned lack of consequences also plays into this - it can seem that characters just laugh things off (that the choices are sometimes written as a punchline doesn't help). Gonna try playing with vanilla, then I'll decide if it's worth the effort. Force Your Child to Take Vows (alternative to disinheriting), Crusader Kings 3: Take Vows Character Interaction, Better Northern Germania Overhaul - From Flanders to Mecklenburg. In these situations, there's always a pale, creepy kid who talks to ghosts, Go ahead and just tell her you do want to understand her, Start by making her see you understand that you were wrong to judge her. Having someone let loose a massive fart for comedic effect during a funeral is a serious, contemplative drama isn't funny, it just shows that the writer/director doesn't understand what tone is or how it works. You can check your log after closing the game for the names of the events you had in your last playthrough. Most serfs don't have thoughts or feelings! Since not much is known about Anglo-Saxon Paganism, a few creative liberties were taken. The wild beast should be the new school mascot! NOTE: THE ARTIFACT MODULE HAS BEEN REWRITTEN AND GREATLY IMPROVED BY THE WAY OF KINGS TEAM, AND I RECOMMEND USING THEIR IMPLEMENTATION FROM NOW ON. But that dialogue is from after the choice is made, not before. This mod adds a new, less continental-style castle graphic in the holding interface for all cultures in the British Isles and Scandinavia (except English). Replaces all the cultural men-at-arms with new unique artworks that is exclusive to each one of them. MOD UPDATES DISCONTINUED. (Partially Fixed in 1.1) Arumba's Fix WarHorse Mod, This is the fix for the WarHorse event chain that was made by Arumba07. UPDATE: This mod deliberately does not change the new Viking CBs added with 1.3/Flavor Pack 1. The mod is currently in a rewrite that allows much more compatibility and flexibility of titles and names. If they were an actual animal [player name], no doubt! I will not update it anymore. Are you sick of every single woman in medieval Europe being raised like they're some kind of e-thot MEGA ? Just start dancing in a very stylish way! I haven't had a culture with Mendicant Mystics before so I kept playing for a little while to see if I would one of the tradition's events. This simple mod changes the grey water color to deep blue color. We just need you to get kidnapped by Trojans!". addresearch(addr) [techname] - Adds research at specified name. Age 15: Witch conversion event from the guardian. Below are the 12 sets of trait events the game randomly assigns to the child, with a preset requirement. But that grounding is necessary for jokes to work. But they really were a small part of the game, especially compared to CK3. Why dont you just buy the entire company? Kurthakon the creator of this mod has passed away in real life. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Explain to Dmitri the Prince is a better suitor for the Dark Side, RULE 1: Playing sexually with other people is OK, RULE 1: Never make your relationship follow rules dictated by a semi-stranger, STRIPPERS! This mod adds: The third mod in the Immersive cultures series, the aim of Byzantium eternal is to add a bit more flavour to the Byzantine empire. Yup there are definitely some interesting results. Content posted in this community. The choice text itself is "Hey Polly, you know how the Greeks fought a whole war over Helen of Troy's face? Edit: Apparently the computer I pulled the information from is still using 1.0 data, so I'll have to make quite a few edits later today. They dont exist yet, so they cant possibly become popular! Not everything is about good and evil, guys, Ill tell you what I want, what I really really want, Tell the teacher she has something on her face, You need to bury your computer in an ancient crypt, We just need to download the mobile update, Bribe your contacts in military intelligence, Offer the Solar Behemoth half the twelve-year-olds. Valheim Genshin . Why dont you pay with one of your kidneys? Here you will find the biggest collection of achievements from this great Game. Calculester: Library events (Second Term), Install the SupportiveParent.v3 firmware update, Calculester: Outdoors events (Second Term). So meta! This notebook shows our super weird out-of-the-box ideas. Whoever would make the best key ingredient for the most delicious lasagna, Multiple characters: Anywhere events (Second Term), Multiple characters: Auditorium events (Second Term), Multiple characters: Class events (Second Term), Multiple characters: Library events (Second Term), Multiple characters: Outdoors events (Second Term), Multiple characters: Gym events (Second Term), Multiple characters: Bathrooms events (Second Term), There is no secret and youre all suckers, You can steal organs and sell them for a ton of money, Obviously you start another business next door, You can actually make pasta without turning griffins into it, See his bet and raise it with a more refined, Hey., For every tiger in the school, release three anteaters, Take this opportunity to reveal your REAL plan. The Royalty-Free Historical Music Mod adds 41 different, historically appropriate music tracks to Crusader Kings III, all of which are royalty-free and appropriately licensed. ), We're just trying to support the local liquor store owner through hard times. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. (I have put two of these events under this category because there seem to be three events for each location and these two were the only ones I didn't write down a location for and it seemed to even out. But that grounding is necessary for jokes to work. Imagine all the food you could Instagram, without have to eat any! Your mission is part of an ancient and righteous quest, To punch the sun, you must first surrender your ego, Any succesful outcome + Go to prom with Damien, Unless some big, strong, man decides to teach me how to fight, Divert their attention by making money rain, Get so angry you end up unleashing a new level of stylism, Change your scissors for a dagger and your makeup for blood. Toss Aaravi the Legendary Garmagorian Axe of Introspection! Then this mod is for you. Swallow the totem whole and keep it safe in your belly! The most powerful drug of all is the friends we make along the way! You sometimes aren't born in a way you truly feel like yourself, Produce a blockbuster that unexpectedly serves as a metaphor. CK2 Cheats CK2 Province IDs Other CK2 IDs and Codes CK2 Blog. With the Ruler Designer update that was freely added to the game in late 2020, CK3 gave players a ton of new customization options in regards to the aesthetics of individual characters. The chance to be picked is x4 if the guardian has the same Personality, or x0.5 if the guardian has the opposite Personality. Crusader Kings 3 Event ID List Find below a searchable list of all event IDs from CK3 for use with the event console command. Crusader Kings 3 is a strategic role-playing game and the third main installment in the series. Eat everyone else's food, like a good boy, Try the sangria. An illusion created by the drugs youre on! ORGY! Use sleight of hand to make the totem DISAPPEAR, A succesful outcome with option 2 + Go to prom alone. If you were to shoot [player name], they would NOT be into it! I don't see the issue. What about this exclusive chapter I've written myself?! Some of that was present in CK2 already, but CK3 leaned into it even more heavily, or at least didn't make a course correction. The Romulus Dynasty is the remaining reminder of the fallen empire. The general lighthearted tone of the writing, even with serious events. Takes place 15~30 days after the birthday. What if we got strangers to start drawing dozens of pictures of you? Guardian - Guardians are basically teachers for children in CKII. Scott, sanity is extremely high in cholesterol! Traits are a huge part of how characters tick in Crusader Kings 3. (Then stab Damien. We're just not the target audience anymore. Characters show their names, opinions, relations, and titles below. This mod improves the Private Army capstone dynasty perk in several ways, making it more worth taking as in Vanilla 1.2.x it is fairly underwhelming. Call the best tech engineer you can pay, DIY! The odds of Generous, Honest, Trusting, Compassionate, and Forgiving are halved, presumably you can't be happy when one's in jail. The goldfish said trial by combat he didnt say what kind! Scott, electricity is the coolest and most energetic thing to eat! Pretend to be poisoned, terrifying Miranda and amusing Vera! That glass jar of fresh human blood really goes with the parsley, Polly's, because she literally just made a pair of pajamas for a cat, If you fold the napkin like so, it creates a self-aware napkin, It is time to leave Vera alone and stop explaining napkin folds. Mujie, what exactly is wrong about 445? If you use some kind of way of tracking the events you have already seen you will find them all that way in no time. Let's look at Damien's Tinder messages. Not that there is comedy in the game but that is its in the wrong place! Aside from the lifestyle ones, the only ones ive seen are the serial killer (once) and encountering a white animal during a hunt (never managed to catch it though, even after 20+ years and multiple subsequent hunts). MAKE THE TEACHER REMEMBER THE SPIRIT OF THE SIXTIES! You're overthinking this, Scott! You're pretty clearly talking about who you wanna bang, right? Only one of them (Bambuk) is controlled by Ghana. [player name] dropped out of school years ago, [player name] appeared in last year's yearbook, Rumors say that [player name] was raised by a pack of wild art curators, [player name] is actually just a skeleton, They can tell the difference between theater and theatre, [player name] is the founder and head editor of Exotic Aquatics. You can easily go 200+ years without any of them triggering. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Not sure. The intensity of this rave is powering the whole cafeteria! Friends and rivals - Events concerning friends and rivals. True art imitates life. Seduce Dmitri into being your opponent-ally, The Coven's ability to care isn't their weakness; it's their STRENGTH, Selflessly use that magic Orb of Healing +4, Basic ghost knowledge: ghosts' main power is levitating stuff, Ultimate ghost prank: haunt someone into despair, Throw a rock at the Interdimensional Prince. Dev diary #116 - Agrarian Research Techniques, Dev diary #113 - Community Choice Event Pack,, Play All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. View Page. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. If you do not like it do not press it. Use the CalArts sorting hat to determine the objective value. Recently, I've been spending a little bit of time occasionally just creating hybrid cultures, genuinely one of the best things in the game, and created a Cuman and Russian hybrid. So they could be in other locations or maybe anywhere.). Events should be either "funny" or "serious," not both. Private Army: House Guard Improved Feautures, - Renames Byzantine Empire to Eastern Roman Empire, THIS HAS NOW BEEN MERGED WITH ACE'S MUSLIMS ENHANCEMENTS! But like a ranger who's super nice and cares about your friends, Let's journey to the depths of Lof-Yars-Elf. The only way to tell a winning seahorse is by taste! A white plate with a single sprig of parsley in the center. It doesn't make it into a joke. A reintroduction of the "Delve into the Classics" Decision/Event line from Holy Fury. NOW also INCLUDING the new Royal Court DLC! 89% for Heterosexual, 5% Homosexual, 5% Bisexual, 1% Asexual under the default setting. Just name a time and a place, Throw a smoke bomb and escape while leaving a replica of yourself, You need to come up with unexpected search terms, Any succesful outcome + You need to buy "A Penguin Mask" (10$) in the shop. Adds the option to request transferring prisoners out of the jail of any ruler within your realm (as long as you are their liege or the realm ruler) to your own dungeon. The story cycle events like the seria killer are -extremely- rare. You seem to think that comedy and childishness were invented in the modern period. Practically everyone of my martial characters has gotten a war horse. Assigning a guardian to a 9 or 11-year-old child will change the chance from 10% for all sets to 18.75% for sets containing the guardian's trait, and 6.25% for the others. Its mostly fine but that last option, how many levies does your god have, is just so. Slay your audition to become part of Cats, the musical, Show off the Dylan Rupert you've strategically bred, The taste buds of a true marijuana sommelier, Go to the police. The story cycle events like the seria killer are -extremely- rare. Annoying event, it would change the real father of your children despite your spouse never cheating on you and add a lover to her AFTER they had already been born. 89% for Heterosexual, 5% Homosexual, 5% Bisexual, 1% Asexual under the default setting. I feel like there is a defense of single events while ignoring or downplaying the systemic issues with the way events are written. [player name] is chess, [player name] has high quarterly earnings, Secret behind [player name]'s eyes is "The Secret!". Make replicas of the earrings, find out where the Coven lives Any succesful outcome + Go to prom with Vera, Be the only service that offers free range organic murders, Quit crime. CK3 defenders often like to point out that CK2 had its meme events too, and they aren't wrong. the only things that are really missing are two dialogue. Is it possible to get 4th trait as a player? Please see the. It gives the impression that the characters don't take anything seriously. The problem is obviously that we aren't dressed up as a giant salad, You shouldn't be cheering for Vera to eat the food. Please note that I have released a new version and the version on this page may not be maintained in the future. The only exception is Sadist, which has a 1/4 of the normal odds to be picked by the AI, but x9 if the Guardian is a Sadist, or pretty much guaranteed if the kid killed someone and didn't get punished for it. All rights reserved. Below is a searchable table of all 10559 events and event IDs from CK2. Your version of history is pretty sterile if that's your hill. And this isn't merely personal preference. Have you considered judging reality television? The base weight for each of them getting picked by the game is 100, except for event 6 and 8 containing the Chaste/Lustful options, which have a weight of 300, and can only be triggered when the child is aged 13+. Certain CBs (such as Rivalry) can also be used only by or Justinian is the Last Roman. Challenge it to a radical hip hop battle! After all, it shouldn't be expected of folks to just drop everything and to travel through half the continent to join some random court of some random ruler. Options are for RP. On one hand, having a Genius guardian can give them a better education outcome, BUT getting level 1 education is still possible given the education roll system. Its ridiculous, ignores basic logic, and has no sense of the historical reality of the era. If they're not, enlighten me! September 28, 2020 Crusader Kings 3 Crusader Kings 3 came with a lot of new. Take big screenshots of characters, rotate them, change poses, background and visual traits. Legacy Wikis. [player name] has their whole life planned out. Again, it doesn't need to be historical at all. Ukonusko Overhaul - More Finno-Ugric faiths. GHOST WINK! One of my main frustrations in the game is when you have landed your heir and he gets a child (your future heir) of his own, you have no control over his education or marriage. Miranda, fight that plank with the inner power OF THIS CHAINSAW! We need to crossbreed her with a faster car, Pick Love Interest events: Second Term (1), Pick Love Interest events: Second Term (2), Removing money from banks makes them less evil, That giant, gelatinous, fifty-foot creature, Make lifelong friends with a diverse group of students. VERY CUTE EYES! Replace all your subjects with mindless robots, Dont worry about those chumps in the audience, Alter the script so that it is about your kingdom. Little note: If I'm not sure about the location I will put a "?" This mod adds and improve some details around some main interfaces around the game, I will be adding more improvements on this mod along the way, and listing bellow what I have changed so far: Skills Background Bright + Prowess Background. Dynamite the toilet, dive into the sewer, and swim there yourself! Did you even check to see if your poison is vegan-friendly? awful. A true succulent fan would has every succulent, A true succulent fan would actually be a fan. You must log in or register to reply here. Smash her cellphone, blame the other team, Convince Coach that dodgeball is cultural appropriation, Visit the dungeons of LNkom, Sumerian God of Makeup, Invent a cute cuddly character to hock your product, Rally a swarm of extradimensional termites. But remember, it's already very rare for us to play as children without 'clever use of game mechanic', and the odds of us getting the 4th Personality event on age 14/15 is only 9.75%. Steam Community :: Guide :: Events and outcomes list (All events + DLC added!) Paranoid Scheming Improvement *No Longer Updated*. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I can assure you that they did not speak English, imagine whatever period-appropriate phrase you can. The general lighthearted tone of the writing, even with serious events. But whats Miranda about? Sorry that took a little long too add and all, I haven't touched this guide in over a year and I had to get reacquainted with my whole guide. Time to fight for robot rights to use the internet freely, Yell every word that can be a mental trigger, My family, too, possesses many fine estates, Filter everyone through this dangerous magic prism, Its not about the students as individuals, Invite a third wheel to ruin their fusion, Remind Miranda that she should feed on her hosts brain. It is only visible to you. This page was last edited on 4 December 2022, at 21:25. Questions, Paradox Serious religious ruptures aren't! Yeah, it's called Scott's, but today is opposite day. Dahlia, theres no better rival than you! Maybe the census event? The easiest way to search for events is if you know the name of the event. Or more specifically the errant heir event Id The steak is too cooked already! Disagreeing with Miranda? To enter these commands players must first open Crusader Kings 3 in debug mode and then access the console window by pressing the ~ key. Dont dismiss the utter suspense and extreme pathos of waiting, I know you guys can't actually fight for the 8th circle right now, Polly comes here because SECRET BACKSTORY REVEAL, Polly comes here because SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS. Since I'm a noob modder I can not fix the compatibility issue. tysm for this guide, and here's an error i found: even though I failed DarkGod2 since both of my stats were the same, I still got DarkGod3 later, so i don't think you need to succeed every single thing to get the secret ending. I also think the dialogue in my guide should remain as short as possible, enough to recognize the event, but not too much to spoil the events if you haven't had them yet. Age 6: Auto-assigns Education Focus matching the Childhood Trait. Me too. Another way to look for events is to search part of the dialogue options. Anatomy of an Event The core of a standard character event is almost certainly quite familiar to you already: we have a title, a description, typically a portrait, and one or more options along the bottom. Actually, robots and succulents are romantically incompatible! Yes, absolutely. Evil Faith's plot to murder Faith might just be her way of asking for a hug! It's entitled "silverware-wear", This will take an army of homeless people we pay. Have you tried getting an internship at a megacorporation? Calculester: Bathrooms events (Second Term). Events that are clearly just modern attitudes, phrases or in-jokes. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. West Africa now starts with four historical mines, those are located in Bambuk, Siguiri, Boromo and Kumanasi. The second mod in the Immersive cultures series, this time we're tackling the Anglo-Saxons. SNAKE! HOWEVER, in reality, you rarely see AI characters that have 4 traits. This mod has been discontinued due to there being many superior portrait mods on the workshop, so use those instead! Obviously the lychee-fruti flavored custard with a side of tofu, Go for the brightly-colored bag of meat biscuits, I surely do! Eighteen artists and composers from film and television. These events can add/remove stress, and also lead to a mental break, giving them a coping mechanism event, if he hadn't already accumulated stress for being a ruler and using interactions that causes stress due to already owned trait. My Insta feed just told me that "snitching" is last week's challenge! At the time I thought maybe succeeding 2/3 is enough to trigger the ending. [player name] is the greatest team player I know. Crush: Has to be 6+ yo child with >-30 opinion of you, and within x0.73~x1.20 the age of the child. But have we asked the orange how it feels? Build a very powerful bomb and then disguise it with a wig, Hire Dante Alighieri as your Hell Consultant, Fight gentrification by strictly regulating new condo developments. hanson family murders, missionary baptist church pastor vacancy 2022, madison county high school staff,

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